Practice Areas

I handle all of the following cases:
    Auto Accident and Personal Injury Law
    Assault and Battery (civil cases)
    Probating Wills and Estates Without a Will
    Real Estate Law
    Municipal Law
    Litigation (trying cases in court)
    Utility Law
    Powers of Attorney
    Advance Directives
    Family Law
I also have experience in a wide variety of other cases.  Contact me at 256-770-4422 or email me at for more information.


Auto accident and personal injury law.  I advise clients about what to do when they are in auto accidents and other accidents in which others cause injuries to them, their family members or their property.  These injuries can be caused by a person, a company or a city or county.  I file lawsuits and represent clients who’ve been sued over such accidents.    
Probating wills and decedents’ estates.   I represent clients who need to probate a Will or probate the estate of a person who died without a valid Will.   I also advise family members who’ve lost a loved one on what they should do if there is a home about which family members are arguing or very little money in the estate. I’ve filed Will contests and other litigation involving Wills and decedents estates.
Contracts.  Contracts are usually, but not always, in writing.   I prepare contracts for people and businesses who need written agreements on which they can depend.  I also advise clients on the validity and legality of their contracts and represent them when they must go to court over the terms and conditions found in them.
Real estate law.  I give advice on title to land, leases, the purchase and sale of real estate, rights of way, etc. and I prepare deeds and real estate sales contracts.  I’ve represented clients in court when a lawsuit must be filed or has been filed against them.  In addition, I advise clients about easements, and covenants that run with the land, as well as other issues related to land.

Litigation. Any case tried in court. it's a process which individuals and businesses use to resolve their differences if they are unable to do so on their own.  The case can be tried with a jury or with only a judge who makes the final decision. 
Municipal law.  I have experience in representing a city and in representing people who need to sue a city.  I’m familiar with the ways in which a municipality must handle the adoption of resolutions and ordinances.   This helps me identify the errors and mistakes that a city might make in those situations.  I can advise small businesses on the city’s zoning and licensing rules and regulations.  I’ve also got experience in representing clients who have a legal claim against a county government.
Utility law.   Utilities laws govern essential services, like water, sewer, electricity, transportation, or communication which a public corporation or private business organization provides to the public. I currently represent a utility and have represented clients who have issues with utilities.
Assault and battery (civil cases).  Most people think of criminal court when they hear about an “assault and battery” case.  But a person who has been assaulted can and often does file a lawsuit against the person who assaulted them.  These are civil, not criminal assault and battery cases. 
Adoptions.  I represent clients who want to adopt a child.  These include stepparent and other relative adoptions. 
Guardianships.  When a child or older person needs someone to make medical and other decisions for them, I file a petition for guardianship in probate court and represent clients in those cases.   
Conservatorships.  When a person is either a minor child or an adult who is unable to handle her financial affairs, I file a petition for appointment of a conservator.   
Business law.  I advise those who want to legally set up and operate a business or to dissolve it. I also represent those who have disagreements with business partners or co-owners and have represented them in court.       
Wills.  After talking to you about what your wishes are, I prepare Wills that state what you want to happen to your property and belongings when you’re gone.    
Powers of attorney.  I prepare powers of attorney for clients who want a family member to help them pay bills, or temporarily take care of their children, for example.  Powers of attorney can also provide that your family member can operate your business or file your tax returns if you are too sick or unable to do this for yourself.
Advance Directive. I prepare papers for clients that tell their family members what to do if my client can no longer make health care decisions      
Family Law.   I advise clients about child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency,         
divorce, and custody cases, as well as alimony issues.



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