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Harassment: The story is just beginning
Posted November 30, 2017 | Permalink | Category: Brenda's Blog

Harassment: the story is just beginning It started with Harvey Weinstein. Next was Louis C.K. Then Al Franken, Charlie Rose and John Conyers. Today’s headliner is Matt Lauer. By the time you read this, more names may be added to the list of alleged sexual predators who are accused of harassing women for years. They are powerful, influential men who have at least one thing in common: They have gotten away with it. Until now. Women who were afraid they would suffer retribution from the men w…

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Coming to terms with legal terms
Posted November 1, 2017 | Permalink | Category: Brenda's Blog

Several months ago, I wrote a blog entry about legal terms. It’s an important topic because lawyers often use words unfamiliar to the general public, and we sometimes use common words in an uncommon way. Whenever you deal with lawyers and the legal system, good communication is essential. That’s why I have prepared this list of legal terms often used in court cases. This is a continuation of the list I started in July, and I will add more later. Remember – if your lawyer ever says somethi…

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'What kind of law do you practice?'
Posted October 13, 2017 | Permalink

I am often asked what kind of law I specialize in. People see ads for lawyers who claim to be experts in certain types of cases – accidents, bankruptcy, real estate or disability to name just a few – and they want to know where I fit into those categories. I am proud to say that for most of my legal career, I have handled a wide variety of cases. Like the old family doctor who would take care of whatever ailed you, I have tried to help my clients with any type of legal trouble they encou…

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Alzheimer's Disease Can Cause Legal Tangles
Posted October 5, 2017 | Permalink | Category: Brenda's Blog

An increasing number of my clients have asked for my help in dealing with family members who have Alzheimer’s Disease. Their loved one can no longer make decisions about their medical care, financial affairs, and other basic issues. This is a very difficult time for my clients, and they need legal advice that will work for their situation. What generally happens is that clients bring in a parent and ask that I prepare a “power of attorney,” a legal tool that would allow them to handle t…

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Your Vote Counts!
Posted September 19, 2017 | Permalink | Category: Brenda's Blog

When Alabama Republicans go to the polls on Sept. 26 to select their nominee for the U.S. Senate, a new law will be in place that could prevent some people from casting their ballots. For the first time, Alabama law will prohibit people who voted in one party’s primary from voting in the other party’s runoff. It means that if you voted in the Democrat primary back in August, you won’t be able to vote in the GOP primary run off between Luther Strange and Roy Moore. It’s all perfectly le…

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